Bethany Beach VS Rehoboth Beach

Bethany Beach VS Rehoboth Beach: Which Beach To Visit?

Visiting an area with multiple famous locations can be frustrating. As you can never be sure which one will give you the most joy.

While visiting Delaware, you will surely face this dilemma.

So which one do you choose when it’s Bethany beach vs rehoboth beach?

Between Bethany beach and Rehoboth beach, Bethany beach is much smaller and quieter in comparison with Rehoboth beach. If you’re to stay away from chaos, Bethany Beach is the one to go. But for more outdoor activities, Rehoboth Beach is good. It’s for the young adventurers out there.

But we’re sure you would love to know more. So follow along with our article to understand the differences in detail!

Brief Comparison          

Planning for a vacation is always exciting. And beaches are one of the most sought-after vacation destinations. 

Beaches offer a relaxing escape from your daily life. But choosing the perfect destination for your getaway could be tough.

And if you’re staying in Delaware, you will struggle to choose between Bethany beach and Rehoboth beach.

But we all know that before starting your trip we need to be totally sure of where we are going. Because it is a good practice to have a detailed plan for the trip beforehand.

So it is really important that you analyze the differences between the two beaches and see which one suits you best.

Let’s check out the key differences between the two Delaware beaches:

AttributeBethany BeachRehoboth Beach
AreaVery small with a handful of establishmentsNearly 1 square mile, pretty large area
EnvironmentPretty quietBusy and Lively
Majority VisitorsFamily or aged peopleYoung people and families
Entertainment PlacesMini golf course, nature park, spa, surf store, family fun centersAmusement centers, pools, shopping centers

You can now get to know the general idea of how these two beaches differ from each other. But I’m sure you would want to know detailed descriptions of these points. 

I will surely aid you more while finalizing your decision about your trip.

So let’s get down to a more detailed discussion of the difference between these two beaches.

Detailed Comparison

From the previous discussions you got to know about the key points where they differentiate. But choosing a holiday destination can’t be done by just looking at points.

It is important to know in detail and analyze the whole thing before getting to a decision.

Bethany beach and Rehoboth beach both are very famous in Delaware. And both are at a close distance from each other. 

So if you are local to Delaware or even visiting Delaware it won’t be much problem if you changed your mind mid-way. But still, it is good to prepare a plan beforehand.

Let’s check out a more detailed description of how the two beaches differ:

Size & Surrounding Area      

When you talk about the best Delaware beaches, Rehoboth and Bethany are the two frontrunners. But they vary significantly in size.

Bethany beach is a small beach with very few establishments. It is about 30 minutes from Rehoboth beach in the south. 

You can see some amazing evening views in Bethany Beach. It would be really amazing to spend time during the evening here.

With a few Bethany Beach hotels and about a 0.25 mile long boardwalk, it is easily one of the smallest beaches out there.

On the other hand, Rehoboth beach is much larger in area than Bethany Beach. It is nearly one square mile of land area with a 1 mile long boardwalk. 

Rehoboth beach hotels are relatively new and have boutiques to shop from. Also, it is home to a lot of very famous restaurants that you can enjoy a good time in.


A key point where many people’s taste in choosing a destination differs is how the environment of the place is. This is one of the main factors while choosing between Hilton Head or Myrtle beach.

Many prefer a quiet, refreshing vacation. Many go for the wild fun one. 

If we talk about the environment between Bethany and Rehoboth, Bethany is the quiet one.

Let’s see how Bethany Beach looks like-


Bethany is a quiet town with a small downtown district, a small broadwalk, and very few attractions. The main attraction is peace and serenity.

But Rehoboth is totally the opposite. It is very lively with new restaurants and places to visit. All very romantic themed.

Source: capegazette

There are shops, arcades, mini-golf, and bars to enjoy your stay to the fullest. And all the fun of Rehoboth beach is mostly outdoors.

Majority Visitors

Whenever you want to visit a place, it is important to know about the people that you’re gonna meet there.

Also, you don’t want to be that old person that ruins youth’s fun nor you would want to be the rebellious youth jumping around old people.

If you are young and seeking thrill and lots of outdoor activities, Rehoboth is the perfect place for you. As it is filled with lots of fun games and stores directed toward youth and kids.

But as Bethany beach is more on the quiet side, it is mainly a place for families and old people.

People come here to stay away from the chaos of life for a few days so it is famous among families. 

Bethany and Rehoboth accommodate two completely different groups of people. And it could affect your decision-making largely.

Places To Visit

Now there are a lot of places to visit in both Bethany and Rehoboth beach. Let’s have a look at the places you can visit at Bethany Beach first.

Captain Jack’s Pirate GolfA mini golf course within the walking distance of Bethany BoardwalkStart Planning!
Bethany Beach Nature CenterForest and marshland for explorationHandicap accessible boardwalkStart Planning!
Shore Fun Family Fun Center Retro and vintage games availableStart Planning!
The Spa on HollywoodTherapeutic Massages availableAccepts credit cardsStart Planning!
Bethany Surf ShopBoat Tours and Water Sports Start Planning! 

Rehoboth Beach –

FunlandFamily amusement center. Great for spending time with your familyCreate Memories!
Jungle Jim’s200,000 sq feet of shopping spaceCreate Memories!
Midway Speedway ParkWater mountain, lazy river, pool, sunbathing deckCreate Memories!
Rehoboth Beach MuseumInvites all age groups of peopleCreate Memories!

You can choose these places to visit if you’re ever on any one of these beaches.

Our Verdict: Which One To Choose?

It’s time to make a decision from what we have discussed till now. It is quite complicated and depends mostly on your personal preferences. 

But let us give you our two cents on the topic.

Bethany beach and Rehoboth beach both are undoubtedly very famous in Delaware. Both have formidable traffic every season.

But Rehoboth beach has an advantage as it is bigger and more crowded. That made it filled with a variety of establishments for food and entertainment of different sorts.

If you want to engage in these types of outdoor activities or enjoy a romantic dinner you don’t have to look too far in Rehoboth beach. As it is filled with them.

But if the simplicity and quietness of nature attract you then we think that Bethany beach will be much more suitable for you.

With a small area and much more serene setting, it is a perfect place to relax and unwind from the pressure that builds up from your daily life.

Finally, our suggestion is if you’re young and have a lot of time then Rehoboth beach is the one for you as it is packed with activities. But be careful when booking hotels for long stays. If you change your mind you might have to pay early departure fees.

And if you want to relax and just be away from people Bethany beach is not so far away!


It’s normal for you to still have some confusion. For that, we’ll discuss some of the most commonly asked questions regarding these 2 beaches.

Is Drinking Alcohol Allowed On Bethany Beach?

No, you can’t drink alcohol on Bethany Beach. According to Bethany beach town rules, it is not allowed to consume or even possess alcohol while on the beach.

Does Rehoboth beach have a curfew?

Yes. Rehoboth beach has a curfew.  To ensure the safety of the visitors, people are not allowed on the beach from 1 am to 5 am. This is to make sure that the lifeguards can check up on people going out in the sea and there is adequate light at that time.

Are Dogs Allowed In Rehoboth & Bethany Beach?   

Yes dogs are allowed in Rehoboth & Bethany Beach. But there is a time limit to that. Dogs are allowed on the beach from generally October to April. Some beaches allow dogs in other months too but they have to be kept in leashes and under strong commands.

Parting Words      

There you have it! A detailed comparison about Bethany Beach vs Rehoboth beach. Hopefully, this cleared out all your confusion.

Be sure to double-check all your reservations and prepare for backup plans before your trip. Enjoy your holidays!

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