Luxor Pyramid Room vs Tower: Choose Wisely!

A weekend in Vegas is what you may need after a long week. And what could be a better choice than the famous Luxor Hotel? 

But where in Luxor you should stay when comparing Luxor Pyramid Room vs Tower?

Pyramid rooms are located inside the iconic pyramid structure and tower rooms are situated in the tower section. The Pyramid rooms provide a unique and distinct atmosphere while the Tower offers a sleeker, modern ambiance. The Pyramid has smaller room sizes compared to the Tower, but they also cost less. Other than this, there are some differences in amenities.

In the next sections of this article, we will discuss more about these two hotel rooms. 

Luxor Pyramid Room vs Tower: Key Differences 

There are some significant differences between Pyramid Room and Tower. 

Luxor pyramid vs tower are shown in the picture
Source: TripAdvisor

For example, comparing them would be like comparing Bellagio vs Cosmopolitan. But before we move into that, let’s take a glance at their differences-

Comparing FactorsLuxor Pyramid RoomLuxor Tower Room
LocationInside the pyramidTower
Access to RoomsInclinatorsElevators
Hallway ExperienceExposed to pyramidEnclosed
Room Size420 sqft449-450 sqft
Room Types43
Room AmenitiesIn-room safesMultiple Charging and Power OutletsWork SpaceNon-SmokingIn-room SafeSpacious ArmoireGranite CountertopsWet Bar with Refrigerator
Closet SpaceLimited hanging areaAttached wardrobe
DecorPyramid-themedSleek and modern
BathroomShowerShower and bathtub
WiFi and TVYesYes
Cost (As of July 2023)$32-$266$42-$306

Now, let’s discuss their differences in detail.

Location-Luxor Pyramid Room vs Tower

Luxor Tower rooms are in the tower section of the hotel, while Pyramid rooms are inside the iconic pyramid.

Luxor Pyramid rooms offer a unique and distinct experience, as guests have the opportunity to stay within the pyramid itself. This means that the rooms are built into the sloping walls of the pyramid, giving them a one-of-a-kind experience. The pyramid shape adds an interesting and memorable element to the overall ambiance of the room. 

Luxor pyramid interior is shown in the picture. the hallway is huge with inclined inwards walls

On the other hand, Luxor Tower rooms feature modern design elements and sleek aesthetics. These rooms are located in the tower section of the hotel, which offers a more conventional accommodation experience. The tower rooms are typically located in a high-rise building adjacent to the pyramid. 

Access To Rooms

Luxor Pyramid guests reach their rooms using inclinators, which are inclined elevators specially designed to accommodate the pyramid’s shape. On the other hand, in the Luxor Tower section, guests utilize traditional elevators to access their rooms.

Luxor Pyramid Inclined Elevator is shown in the picture vs tower which is traditional
Source: keepitupdavid

Pyramid’s inclinators provide a distinct experience as guests are transported at an angle. This enhances the sense of being inside a pyramid. This unique feature adds to the overall ambiance and theme of the Luxor Pyramid rooms.

 Alternatively, the Tower’s elevators operate vertically and follow a more conventional approach found in most hotels. Despite lacking the incline of the pyramid, they offer a straightforward and familiar mode of transportation.

Room Types & Size

Luxor Pyramid rooms are approximately 420 square feet, while Luxor Tower rooms are approximately 449-450 square feet. 

Also, Pyramid offers you 4 types of rooms: 

  • King: One king-size bed for a maximum of three people. 
  • Two Queens: Two queen-size beds for a maximum of four persons. 
  • Premier King: One king-size bed for a maximum of three people. 
  • Premier Two Queens: Two queen-size beds for a maximum of four people. 

On the other hand, Tower offers you three types of rooms: 

  • Premier King: One king-size bed for a maximum of three people.  
  • Premier Two Queens: Two queen-size beds for a maximum of four persons. 
  • Elite King: One king-size bed for a maximum of two people. 

The Luxor Pyramid rooms, despite being slightly smaller, still offer a comfortable living space. With approximately 420 square feet, these rooms provide enough room for a bed, a desk area, and drawers. 

On the other hand, the Luxor Tower rooms, with their larger size of approximately 449 square feet, offer a bit more spaciousness. The additional square footage allows for more freedom of movement and provides a sense of openness. 

Room Amenities

Both the Luxor Pyramid rooms and Luxor Tower rooms offer certain standard amenities such as in-room safes and non-smoking accommodations. 

However, the Luxor Tower rooms offer multiple charging and power outlets not found in the Pyramid. These rooms also feature a dedicated workspace, which can be beneficial for some guests also not present in Pyramid. 

Additionally, the Tower rooms provide a spacious armoire, a 50” flat Tv screen, and high-speed Wi-Fi.

Luxor tower room is shown with two beds having a modern feel
Luxor Tower Room , Source: The Wacky Duo

In contrast, the Pyramid rooms focus more on providing essential amenities like an in-room safe and non-smoking environment.

Luxor pyramid room is shown with inclined windows
Luxor Pyramaid Room : Source: Smart Vegas

Additionally, Tower Elite King rooms in the Luxor Tower section offer additional amenities compared to the Pyramid rooms. The additional amenities here include granite countertops and a wet bar with a refrigerator. 

Closet Space

Luxor Pyramid rooms offer limited hanging space for clothes, while Luxor Tower rooms include an attached wardrobe. 

In Luxor Pyramid rooms, the available hanging area for clothes is smaller compared to the Tower rooms. These rooms may have a compact closet or a designated space with limited hanging rods or hooks. For guests who prefer to hang their clothes rather than fold them, it can be a problem. 

Rather than providing extensive closet space, the pyramid structure focuses on maximising room layout.

On the other hand, Luxor Tower rooms feature an attached wardrobe area. This means the rooms have a dedicated space for hanging clothes, offering more storage. This can be beneficial for guests who require more hanging space or prefer a more organized setup for their clothing. 


The decor of Luxor Pyramid rooms and Luxor Tower rooms differ significantly in terms of style and theme.

Luxor Pyramid Rooms showcase a distinct pyramid-themed decor. The interior design in these rooms incorporates elements that evoke the ancient Egyptian aesthetic. Guests staying in pyramid rooms will experience an atmosphere reminiscent of ancient Egypt from the furnishings to the artwork. 

On the other hand, Luxor Tower Rooms boast a sleek and modern decor style. The interior design in the tower rooms features contemporary elements. This includes clean lines, minimalist furnishings, and a more understated color palette. The ambiance in these rooms exudes a sense of sophistication and contemporary elegance. 


In the Luxor Pyramid rooms, guests can expect to find a standard shower as the primary bathing option. The shower area in the pyramid rooms tends to be smaller. The focus in these rooms is more on the essential bathroom amenities.

On the other hand, the Luxor Tower rooms offer a more varied bathroom experience. In addition to a shower, these rooms also provide a bathtub. The bathroom fixtures in the tower rooms are more updated, offering a contemporary and modern feel. 


Tower rooms are generally more expensive than Pyramid rooms.

Pyramid rooms are more affordable with prices ranging from $32 to $44 on weekdays and $132 to $266 on weekends

In contrast, Tower rooms are slightly more expensive costing between $42 and $100 on weekdays and $136 to $306 on weekends

You should also note that these prices are subject to change and do not include taxes or fees. Also, these price ranges are effective in July 2023. So, it may change in the coming months. In the same price range, you can also find hotels like Nomad and Park MGM.

Luxor Pyramid Room vs Tower: Which One Should You Get?

Luxor Pyramid rooms are great for a themed experience, prefer a smaller room size, and are on a budget. Luxor Tower rooms may better suit your preferences if you prefer modern aesthetics, larger rooms, and additional amenities.

Luxor Pyramid rooms and Luxor Tower rooms offer distinct experiences, catering to different preferences and budgets. The Pyramid rooms provide a unique ambiance, staying true to the pyramid theme of the Luxor hotel. 

While the Pyramid rooms may have a smaller size, they still provide comfortable accommodations and are more affordable. 

Rooms in the Tower generally have larger square footage, larger bathrooms, and dedicated workspaces. While they come with a slightly higher price tag, they offer a contemporary setting and enhanced convenience.

So, if you are looking for a good time in Vegas, you can definitely choose Luxor Hotel. But do not use any fake IDs or other unethical methods.


Is The Luxor The Same Size As The Real Pyramid? 

No, the Luxor Pyramid is not the same size as real pyramids. Luxor Pyramid is much smaller than Giza Pyramid, Red Pyramid, and Bent Pyramid despite its resemblance.

What’s The Difference Between Tower Premier And Tower Elite? 

The Tower Premiere King and Tower Elite King rooms in Luxor’s tower section differ in amenities. The Tower Elite King includes a wet bar and gourmet coffee maker, distinguishing it from the Tower Premiere King. Both room types feature one king-sized bed and accommodate up to three guests.

How Many Rooms Are in The Luxor Pyramid? 

The Luxor Pyramid has 4,400 guest rooms, offering unique and comfortable accommodations to guests. The large number of guest rooms in the Luxor Pyramid ensures ample availability for visitors. 


In comparing the Luxor Pyramid Room vs. Tower accommodations, both offer unique experiences. 

While the Pyramid Room provides a distinct ambiance with its iconic structure, the Tower offers modern comforts and stunning views. Ultimately, the choice between them depends on personal preferences and priorities.

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